Intercepting waste streams and providing access to emerging local & global markets with a focus on recovered small scaled recyclables and salvaged goods.

Residential, commercial and industrial waste streams all provide multiple sources of recoverable materials and goods.

Anything we can recover or salvage we will to preserve our resources.

Salvageable goods are donated to Lifeline or sold in our online salvage store.

Keeping usable goods alive is one of the key ways we can all contribute towards reducing waste and pressure on global resources.

We teach new approaches to waste and are always expanding on what we can recover and move out of the waste stream.


A key part of our process to reduce waste and salvage as much as we can is , donating quality clothing, furniture & household items to support this vital service.

Admax Processing

Our partners for all things metal.


About Us

USG Boral

The leaders in plasterboard recovery and recycling. Reducing landfill and construction waste streams.

Simonds Homes

Recycling plasterboard offcuts from all new homes in Queensland. Simonds are leading the way in construction waste recycling and reducing landfill.

Urban mining specialists
Extracting resources from local waste streams and 

providing access to emerging local & global markets


Kingfisher Recycling Centre

One of the leaders in community based urban mining. Leading the way in extracting valuable resources from small scale recyclables and providing a valuable community service.

recycled since 2013






Car Batteries

Electric motors & powertools

Second hand goods

Second hand clothing




Stainless Steel

Electronic Power supplies