We provide as much information as we can about what we do and share our knowledge to promote more responsible global waste practices.


We find and recover as many different materials and products as we can find from anywhere they occur. We are constantly searching for and finding new ways to deal with waste.

the facts

"Australia is in the embryonic stages of an industrial recycling culture that can reshape and reinvigorate industries and help sustain our resources, society and the planet" (Tim Treadgold - CSIRO). In Australia the amount of waste generated grew 145% between 1997 and 2012. At the same time our population grew by 22%, and our economy by 64%.(Australian Bureau of Statistics) The amount of gold we have already processed ‘above ground’ is estimated to be greater than our reserves. Things cannot continue as they are. Change is required.

Urban mining specialists
Extracting resources from local waste streams and 
providing access to emerging local & global markets

Emerging local & global markets will have a huge impact

on our future waste streams and economy; we are ready for the coming advances in technology to exploit them for maximum environmental and economic benefits